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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Doug West of Kosoma Publishing - Over 20 Years Helping Businesses With Online Promotion

Doug West of Moyers, Oklahoma has been helping businesses online since 1997. Home businesses as well as brick and mortar. He specializes in SEO and online video promotion for his customers. West says that his Kosoma LLC can get videos ranked in the search faster than web pages, and that if done correctly they can also help your web site improve search rankings.

Doug West of Kosoma Publishing has had good and bad experiences online. "The problem is that any person - even your competitors - can get online and say anything about you. You have web sites like Ripoff Report that will post anything negative on you or anybody" explained West.

"We have had that experience with our own business. Turns out it was a guy that took an online trading class we were offering and then decided he wanted to sell his own trading training (which was a violation of the contract he signed with us). His marketing plan was to defame us and then steal our students and affiliates. A few of our students did go with him, but most of them came back and told us the guy was crazy. He was in business for a few months, but has now faded out of sight" West told us.

The problem is that those negative things with Ripoff Report stay online forever! For some reason Google really likes negative reports and they keep them high in the search ranks. Ripoff Report has caused a whole industry of companies who sell services to get your Ripoff Report negative articles taken down! Ripoff Report now sells it's own service to take down your negative reports. Many are calling it a scam of it's own - a criminal extortion scam by it's owner Ed Magedson.

Doug West of Kosoma Publishing LLC now uses his experience with Ripoff Report to help other business owners with their search reputation. His company Kosoma Publishing focuses on video and audio production and online promotion. He has a recording studio in Oklahoma, and has recorded many songs and jingles as well as music for his client's video and ad spots.

"We do a lot of work for a local sports network that broadcasts high school sports. We do commercials for those games" West explained.

West says the markets he has traded for years have really changed, and that even pro floor traders have had a hard time with them. "We trade mostly NADEX options now. I'll always be trading something. I love that, and I also love to create music and videos" West told us.

If your company needs professional help with getting search engine rankings using video, contact Doug West of Kosoma publishing via his web site at:

If you have had trouble with Ripoff Report and the crook owner Ed Magedson - don't fall for his criminal extortion where he wants to charge you Thousands of dollars to remove his often false information, please see:

Sunday, September 6, 2015

During Wild Times In Market - NADEX The Only Way To Trade

The last couple weeks of August, 2015, and into September brought on some Wild (Central Bankers war) times in the markets worldwide!

If you have ever experienced a flash or crash that took you out of your trade, and left you setting on the sidelines with a quick BIG loss, you will appreciate trading NADEX options instead of more conventional vehicles such as Futures or Forex contracts.

With inexpensive NADEX options you can just ride right on through the turmoil and take your profit when it is there. AND, when the markets are moving up and down like they have, there WILL be a time that your profit is there. The only question is, will you be in the market when that comes? Tough to do (ride out HUGE losses) with conventional contracts.

Another thing you can do with inexpensive NADEX contracts is to take a position on both sides of a market. Indices, FOREX, Commodities or whatever. With NADEX you can set up a straddle play on that market, and if it moves BIG in either direction, you can cash in! Sometimes you can profit on both sides with huge market swings.

If the market just moves big in one direction, you will earn enough to pay off the losing side. If later it turns back the other direction - Anything you take from the other side adds to your profit picture on the trade. Something you just can\'t do with traditional contracts.

There is yet another strategy where you can take advantage of huge moves in the market, where you only get in after the move starts. We would like to send you a report on that particular strategy that walks you through it step by step. To get your copy quickly go to:

Protect yourself, and still profit from Wild Times with NADEX!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How To Withdraw Your Binary Option Money

Sometimes pulling your money out of your binary broker account can be a challenge. I often get questions on the best way to do this.

Probably the best way is to deal with NADEX and don't work with any binary brokers. NADEX is regulated, and you can get your funds fairly quickly as you can with any type of regulated trading account. (Of course even regulated trading accounts can at times leave you high and dry - at least for awhile. Just ask those who had accounts with MF Global, and more recently PFG Best.)

The problem though is that most of us traders like the variety of choices we have with unregulated options. We like to choose our own strike price instead of having to pick between 3 or 4 strike prices chosen for us in advance of our trades! If NADEX ever offered all the frills that unregulated options offer, my guess is that most unregulated binary options companies would be out of business within a year!

However, there does not seem to be much chance of that happening. So, what can we do as traders? One step you can take with your binary account is not taking all of your money out at once. We have noticed that you get the most problems with binary brokers when you are attempting to close your account with them. They really don't like to lose customers (does any business?), and seem to hang on and try all types of stalling strategies to get you to change your mind.

So, instead of pulling all your money out, just make a partial withdraw and then do a few more trades before you pull more money out of your account.

Personally, I don't ever close a trading account (of any kind) once I have it open. With regulated accounts, it is such a hassle to set them up. With binary accounts, I don't want to tip them off that I might be taking my business elsewhere. I must have 5 different binary accounts other than the one I actively trade that have a few hundred each in them.

One other thing you should be concerned with is bonus money. If a broker offers you bonus money, and you are looking to make withdraws rater quickly, you had better read the fine print. Most of them have stipulations on making ANY withdraws once you have accepted a bonus. They are not in the business of giving away money so that you can quickly turn around and withdraw it. These binary brokers would go out of business quickly if they allowed that.

Normally, when you accept bonus money you have to trade your entire account balance 20 times or more before you can withdraw ANY money out of your account. So yes, it locks in the money you deposited with the broker for quite a while.

On our team we teach folks how to make spread trades that can turn your account balance over a number of times without having to do a lot of trades. Even so, most of us refuse the bonus, so that we can make partial withdrawls as soon as possible.

One last thing, there is some safety in numbers. If you are part of a group, they don't want to lose all of your business. If you are a lone account, they may not treat you as well.

For my complete course on binary option trading see:

Hundreds Daily With Binary Options

Monday, August 22, 2011

Binary Options Are HOT Right Now!

If you have not yet looked at online binary option trading, maybe you should! It has been around a few years, and it is picking up steam. I've had a binary option account since 09, but now I'm starting to get serious with it.

How would you like to make a trade where you have $45 at risk, but if you hit, you make a whopping $810 profit? That is exactly the kind of thing you can do with binary option trades. You can even start your account with as little as $200, and be up and trading in less than 5 minutes.

If you deposit at least $500 into your binary account, they will even give you a $100 bonus. Today they were offering new traders $600 of bonus money for a deposit of $1250. Try to get your Wall Street broker to do that!

If you get the hang of this relatively new online trading vehicle NOW, you could be making a NICE living online fairly shortly. All you need is a little training. We have set up a great little course to show you exactly what to do and how to profit from binary trading. Why not get all the details now at:

Just today I got this note from one of my students:


Tim B.

Right now you can take the video course training for just $47, but that will soon be going up to $297. So, NOW is the time to get going. Why wait. Watch the informative video now at the URL above.

Doug Recommends The Following Binary Platform:

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Post Iraqi Dinar RV Investment Strategies

Been a while since I have posted to the ol blog! Been too busy trading and waiting for this stinking dinar to RV. I do think it will happen, but who knows when. In the mean time, have you made your plans for when it does?

We have heard from many dinar investors who are at a loss of what to do with the funds from such a large potential return. Many have never invested in anything before the dinar. Even if you have considered other investments, you should take time NOW to do a little more research to help you come up with a game plan to preserve and grow your wealth when the Iraq Dinar RV does come.

Not everything we report on will be right for all investors, and you will want to consult with your own financial professionals. However, we also feel that you need to educate yourself on possibilities, just as you no doubt have done with the Iraqi dinar.

Just look at the many celebrities and sports heroes who have left the investing of their money to advisors only to end up broke after earning Millions during their careers! Don't let a Bernie Madoff happen to you. Make your own educated financial decisions and you will be a LOT better off.

Here are a few areas we are recommending to our clients and associates:

I) Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)

Do your research and these vehicles can pay you a nice income for many years, largely tax-free!

II) Guaranteed Retirement Contracts

What! We are referring to Indexed Annuities. If the failed celebrities, lottery winners, and sports heroes mentioned above would have put at least some money on these, they would have a guaranteed check for the rest of their lives.

III) Foreign Currency

For most it is easier to do this with ETFs and Everbank that to learn how to trade the FOREX market. One thing is for sure, you don't want all of your savings tied to the shrinking US dollar. Even if the USD does rebound, you could do well in other currencies - without leaving the US to do it!


Put simply, you can have FDIC insurance on multi-million-dollar deposits, and do it all through one bank. They spread it around for you to multiple banks, and you get just one statement from them with all the info on it. Sure beats running around looking for banks! (Check the program out at

V) Tax-Free Lifetime Profits

Our favorite strategy for this is using the ROTH IRA or 401k. If you are fortunate enough to have some dinar or other investments inside of a ROTH, you are way ahead of the game.

You may also see other strategies out there for foreign corporations, charitable trusts, LLCs and more, but for our money, you can't beat the simplicity of the ROTH!

There you have it. Just enough to get you started. Now you need to get my full report on Post Iraq Dinar investments. Get your copy now at:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ride It Up & Ride It Down

Been awhile since we posted anything here, but wanted to update ones on what is going on in the market. Since March the US Markets have rallied. On the way up, many were setting on the sidelines wondering when would be a good time to get in. Now that we have had a few downward corrections, ones are trying to determine what to do.

My question is WHY? Does it not make MUCH more sense to just follow the market wherever it goes? That is what we do as index traders. I'm constantly amazed by how many investors have not figured that out yet. We can make money when the market is going up, and we can make it even faster when it is going down!

Don't try to time. Why look for the best time to get in? Just follow it wherever it goes and make BIG money with a bunch of little trades. Sure, some won't go your way. So what! Get out, and then get back in. It really is that simple. All you need to learn are a few basic price patterns and clues, and you could join us on our daily trading calls!

What are you waiting for? Get on over to:

and join us now. Don't spend another minute trying to figure out what the market will do. WHY?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Job or Income Loss? Welcome The Powerful Post Card

We recently started doing some offline marketing for some of our financial products. Before I was full time on the Internet in 1997, I had been doing mail order biz for years (since the time I was about 15 years old).

What I've noticed is that a lot of the big online marketers are tying in offline promotions as well. It really is a great idea, and we had done some offline marketing to drive traffic to our sites, but we are going to be hitting this in a BIG way in 2010!

When it comes to offline marketing, there is nothing I like more than the good old post card. A post card does not have to be opened. It is easy to stick into your pocket and carry to your desk or office.

Post cards can help even brick and mortar businesses generate traffic (and sales) too. The problem is that many business owners (online and off) don't know anything about marketing with post cards.

Did you know that you can easily have cards printed and mailed for you - all online? That you can reach just about any target market with Post Cards?

We are using cards to help our affiliates generate more referral income. Let's face it, not everyone can master online marketing techniques. They seem to change daily (although the principles stay the same - never ending strategies pop up all the time), and there is no end to it.

Have you tried any (or all) of the following:

* Search Engine Optimization (an uphill battle to say the least)

* Pay Per Click Campaigns

* Article Marketing (though many think they can - not everyone is a writer)

* Traffic Programs & Schemes (these change weekly)

* Ezine Advertising

* Email List Marketing

* You Tube & Video Traffic Tips

* Social Networks (Twitter, Myface etc)

The list goes on and on! Who has that kinda time? I'm a full time online marketer and teacher and I can't keep up with it all! I can't imagine someone who is working a full-time job, and trying to get a net biz going too, mastering the online marketing trade.

However, any idiot (myself included) can mail a card! You really only need to master 1 or 2 things with post cards:

1) Mailing Lists

If you master the strategies of finding good lists to mail to, and how to match them up with your offer, you could even have a bad card and still generate traffic and make money.

2) Create a Good Card

I am assuming that you already know how to put a stamp on a card (and if you don't, you can get it done for you all online) and drop it in the mail. If you have a good offer on your card, you would be surprised how ugly the card can be and still work (for some markets the ugly card may actually pull better).

Of course, you will need some type of follow-up system and a good product or service to offer.

Here is the message of a post card that has pulled well for us:



If You Will - Then You Can Be Successful

Join Our Team & Build a Solid Financial Future

Little-Known Income Streams Pay Like Clockwork


1) Build your investment account fast with post cards

2) Make Rock Solid Income Investments

3) Rinse & Repeat Until You No Longer Have To Be Concerned About Money Ever Again



There you have it. That simple card is changing lives and drawing folks to our site. Have you thought of using offline marketing to draw in traffic? If so, you may want to take our new Video Course on the subject.

Get your copy now and you'll get our Income Investing course too for less than 1/2 of what others are enrolling for! Check it out now at: