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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is This a Real Solution?

So all the Kingpins got together in London to agree on more fiat currency printing. They have apparently agreed on a BIG pool of money being given to the Fed's sister corporation the IMF (International Monetary Fund - created during the Brenton Woods agreement in NJ back in 1944 - the last time this many leaders met to discuss world economics).

Suddenly the market takes over the excitement of it all. Is this really the solution to the global economic slump? Jim Crammer thinks so, he boldly announced this morning that the "End of the Depression" had arrived!

Let's see, if you are in a fix because of too much debt in the world, caused by phony money backed by debt (and many other debt schemes like CDO's and Credit Default Swaps), can you get out by printing more? At least for today, the market thinks so.

Don't kid yourself, this is NO Solution. It May be a band aid or quick fix, but it is NOT a permanent solution. I wonder if they talked about adding some new high-speed presses to the central banks of the world? Maybe the Fed sold some of their older equipment to the underprivileged nations!

All joking aside, in today's high-tech world these banking cartel mobsters can create new currency (more like credit in some account) with a keystroke. One click and your in. No wonder the folks in London were angry in the streets of the financial district!

The idea seems to be that if all the fiat currency giants each print a little extra money and put it in a BIG International pool (in the guise of the IMF) that somehow things will be better. BUT, in their defense, what else can they do save more of the same? Short of scraping the whole fiat monetary system (paper money back by debt), what other choices do they have? I don't see the men in black suits and dark glasses giving up their legal right to print money anytime soon - do you?

SO, what can we do? Not much about the BIG MESS. All we can do is protect our families, and pay off are hard assets or create other income streams that will keep us afloat in the inevitable inflation that is sure to follow.

My solution is to follow the market wherever it goes and grab my little piece of the fiat pie. When are you going to join us in Index Trading? It really does not matter what the market does, we can go along for the ride. The question is, will you be with us, or setting on the sidelines waiting for a real solution to the world's problems? (Hint: Don't hold your breath while you're waiting!).