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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is the Recession Over?

Newsweek announced yesterday that the Recession is Over! Are they right? Find out in our latest edition of OIO & how to cash in either way. And don't miss our OI Radio show today where you will hear:

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Great American Bubble Machine

There is a great article in Rolling Stone magazine by a young man named MATT TAIBBI with the title of Inside The Great American Bubble Machine. In the article Matt shows how Goldman Sachs played a HUGE part in the various bubbles that burst over the years such as the:

* Great Depression
* Tech Stocks
* The Housing Bubble
* $4 a Gallon Gas Scam
* Rigging the Tarp Bailout

And finally how they are planning to cash in on Global warming with the proposed "Carbon Credits". This sounds like a whole new scam so the billionaires at Goldman Sachs and other bankers can make a few more billion (I guess they don't care if the whole world collapses, as long as they get more & MORE).

Number One On Blog Talk Radio Finance Channel

Our Opportunity Investigator talk show on Blog Talk is now rated #1 on the Finance section, and it should be a Great show again on July 21st!

We will be interviewing John Moore who is a former Intelligence Analyst for the US government. Moore will expose some truths about Global warming, and why the whole thing is a scam - a cover up for what is really going on. Yes, the ice caps are melting, and the weather patterns are changing, but Moore claims it is NOT because of the CO2 gas as they claim. If he is right, then the Goldman plan to corner the carboncredit market just might be nothing more than another fleece of the American taxpayer.

Don't miss our show on Tuesday. You will learn the 5 things you need to do to protect your family as the economy worsens.

You can read Taibbi's article The Great American Bubble Machine online.

Don't miss our show!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Iraqi Dinar

If you have not yet heard about the uncommon opportunity to invest in the currency of Iraq (the Iraqi dinar or IQD), then it would be worth your time to check into it.

You won't hear much about it in the mainstream media. The politicians won't let you in on it (even though many of them are heavily invested in the Iraqi dinar), and your banker probably knows nothing about it.

However, for a few hundred dollars (still within the reach of most folks - even in these hard times), you might well get into the investment of a lifetime.

Currently the Iraqi dinar does not have a value on the world stage. Basically, the value is whatever the street will give you for it. You can find it on eBay and other auction sites, but don't buy it there. You want to make sure that you get yours from a reputable, registered currency dealer. These dealers have to be registered with the US Treasury (if they are located here in the states).

Why do we say that the Iraqi dinar is an investment of a lifetime? Currently you can get a million dinar for around one thousand US. In times past the IQD was worth over $3 USD.

Is it a sure bet? There is no such thing. However, the upside on this is so HUGE that you might feel like a dunce if you didn't at least get a quarter million dinar (about $300 US) or so.

There are a few ways a person could invest in the Iraqi dinar. Most folks prefer to simply buy the currency from a reputable dealer and just hold onto it (you might want to put it in your safety deposit box and the bank - if you have a stable bank you can trust to be there - actually - you should be able to get your dinar and other items out even if the bank folds -they are dropping like flies these days).

You could also open up an account with a bank in Iraq (don't worry you won't have to go to Bagdad to do it), but we've heard more con than pro on that route.

If you have an Iraqi bank account, you can now even play their stock market which has gone electronic. For there market to really open up to the world, they will Have to get a world value on their currency. With the US pulling troops out of the country, there are many signs that this could happen soon. Look for our Opportunity Investigator Radio Show on BlogTalkRaio and find the episode on the Iraqi dinar, to hear more about it.

Most folks today would rather go to the casino or bingo hall and spend a couple hundred bucks. Gaming is one of the most profitable industries left after the meltdown. BUT, if you look into what I'm telling you here, it may well change your life and help you beat your own recession!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Can We Do To Help?

I'm really wanting to do all I can to help folks finally make money online, and/or in their own business. Things have been good for me, and I want to return the favor.

If you are not at the income level you would like, or your investing and/or business is not where you would like it to be - what is holding you back?

Do you have questions you would like to ask experts on these subjects? If so, you won't want to miss our new Opportunity Investigator Radio show. You can listen online, and even call in and ask your questions.

We really want to hear from you.

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Our goal is to help as many folks as we can break out of their recession!

Remember, Millionaires Are Made During Depressions and Recessions! Find out what you can do to join them, or get to your goals.

If you can, join us on July 9th at 12 Noon EST. See the site above for the link to our show.