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Friday, November 7, 2008

Salute To George W Bush

While most of the world seems excited to get rid of George Bush, as index traders we have to thank him for some of the most WILD swings that markets have ever seen! We are just looking for movement, and the more the better.

With W in office, there was NO END to how big the swings could be! And thanks to the damage he was able to inflict on the world, the BIG swings and moves should continue for some time (take today's HUGE move - just one of the patterns you will learn how to cash in on as a member of our team)!

While Bush did not make many long-term friends with his presidency (even Billionaire Republican Donald Trump admitted on a recent CNN interview "this man has been a total disaster"), he has left a legacy on the markets. As an index trader, we will show you how to make BIG PROFITS with Little Trades from the "W" effect!!!

If you are like most folks, you have felt the difference in how far your dollar goes these days. BUT, if you could discover a simple strategy for cashing in NO MATTER what the market or economy is doing, that could solve your personal "W" crisis.

Think about it. What would an extra $1,000 a month do for you right now? What about a grand a week or even that much or more Per Day? You can do that and more with our simple index trading plan and strategy, and/or our awesome affiliate program.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How The Election Affects Index Trading

The market was choppy, and fairly narrow on Monday (compared to the HUGE swings we have been seeing recently). We sort of expected that on election week. However, we never forget our number 1 rule that ANYTHING can happen at ANYTIME.

We do expect the market to be similar today as investors try to get a feel on who the next president will be, and how that will effect the markets. The early news shows that the International markets are all excited at the thought of an Obama presidency.

You no doubt have heard analyst claiming that if Obama is elected the capital gains tax will go up, and investors won't like that. However, we have to remember that until January 20th he would just be president-elect and not the Pres.

Even when the new president takes office, he is not going to be able to raise ANY tax immediately. We need to also remember that politicians rarely do all they say they will do.

How does all this effect us as daytraders or Index Traders? Not much. We are just going to keep looking for those simple set ups that tell us a good move may be getting ready to happen Right Now! Yes, it may be narrow and ugly today -being election day, but good moves are sure to follow. That will be true no matter who the president or the president-elect is!

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Storm Is Not Over Folks!

We finally had a good week for the New York Stock Exchange. Some investors have become kind of "giddy" thinking that the worst is over. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but let's look at the facts.

Consumer spending & GDP numbers released this week (after many "revisions that makes one have to wonder what exactly they were trying to cover up) were all very negative. Some analyst seem to be happy with the fact that the numbers were not worse than they were, but do we even have the real numbers?

My guess is that we have reached a temporary lull in the colossal down move (again as mini-Dow index traders we can make money no matter what the economy is doing - that is really the heart of this article -there has never been a better time to get started with us).

The Bank of England is strongly considering their lowest interest rate since their inception in 1694! Yes, we are in uncharted waters, and now is NOT the time to start thinking we have come out of the storm. Now is the time to learn a skill that can help you and your family survive in a DEEP Recession unlike the world has ever seen.

There is no example in history that matches the current financial crisis. Today we have the combination of shrinking credit, decreasing consumer spending, maxed out credit cards, and hardly anyone in American has any savings! How could these factors make a bad situation even worse?

The credit squeeze is still hitting hard on banks and businesses. We are seeing increasing down sizing and lay offs in the private sector. This is causing folks to spend less, which is creating less of a demand for new products and services. This will cause even more lay offs. That will mean even less consumer spending. And, don't forget, this all comes at a time when most Americans have little if anything in savings. Savings that could help them get through times like these.

Are you starting to see why NOW more than ever - you NEED to learn a skill like Index trading??? A skill that is not effected by the economy, or GDP numbers, or layoffs, or consumer spending, or the credit squeeze, etc. etc...

It's entirely possible that MANY investors will not return to stocks again. We have just went through the worst drop for equities in a single month since 1932! Many retirees may never buy another mutual fund or stock again. Younger investors may shy away from stocks altogether.

Global stock markets have seen a 25% drop in value during October. We now have the US government taking preferred stocks in financial institutions, basically turning the banking industry into Federal agents. The free market as we know may never be the same again.

However, as with any crisis, there are those who will come out smelling like a rose. We feel that Index traders will be of that group. There is going to be an index trading somewhere, and we will be there following it up and down!

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