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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is the Recession Over?

Newsweek announced yesterday that the Recession is Over! Are they right? Find out in our latest edition of OIO & how to cash in either way. And don't miss our OI Radio show today where you will hear:

The 7 Things You Must Do to Thrive in This Economy

as we interview Mark Monchek of PerformXcellence. To tune in go to:

and click on the Radio Show link at the top of the page to listen in Live at Noon EST today - Tuesday the 28th - or to listen to past shows.

Make sure you get a PDF copy of our latest issue of OIO. In it you will find:

* How To Invest in Washington's Biggest Federal Landlord –
and add income to your retirement or portfolio with a HUGE
Upside Potential

* Why Al Gore's Prediction of Climate Change May Happen
Within the Next 24 Months & What you can do to Protect Your
Family Now

* Could The Recession Be Over? Penny Stocks that Could Earn
500% in a few months or less!

* MLP's – Add Income To Your Portfolio with these High-
Paying Stock Alternatives

* Biz Opps that Could Be HUGE in the Months Ahead

* Simple Technique To Cash In No Matter What the Market or Economy Does
($ave $500 IF You Act NOW)

Don't miss it. Download your copy now at:

That link will redirect you to the pdf file. If you
need help with downloading see:

Watch a video on signs the recession may be ending HERE

There could be GREAT times ahead for index traders! If you have been considering enrolling in my index course there has never been a better time. For a limited time you can SAVE $500. Visit:

For details. Have a great day!

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