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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Great American Bubble Machine

There is a great article in Rolling Stone magazine by a young man named MATT TAIBBI with the title of Inside The Great American Bubble Machine. In the article Matt shows how Goldman Sachs played a HUGE part in the various bubbles that burst over the years such as the:

* Great Depression
* Tech Stocks
* The Housing Bubble
* $4 a Gallon Gas Scam
* Rigging the Tarp Bailout

And finally how they are planning to cash in on Global warming with the proposed "Carbon Credits". This sounds like a whole new scam so the billionaires at Goldman Sachs and other bankers can make a few more billion (I guess they don't care if the whole world collapses, as long as they get more & MORE).

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We will be interviewing John Moore who is a former Intelligence Analyst for the US government. Moore will expose some truths about Global warming, and why the whole thing is a scam - a cover up for what is really going on. Yes, the ice caps are melting, and the weather patterns are changing, but Moore claims it is NOT because of the CO2 gas as they claim. If he is right, then the Goldman plan to corner the carboncredit market just might be nothing more than another fleece of the American taxpayer.

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You can read Taibbi's article The Great American Bubble Machine online.

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