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Monday, August 3, 2009

Lifesaving Summer Info You Need

In case you missed any of our recent updates I wanted to share with you the Great News!

Here is what you Need to know:

* Wonderful Summer Recession Special

* Opportunity Investigator Radio (Listen to episodes online - Live & recorded More on what you may have missed - in a minute)

* New Issue of OIO that you can download:


Make sure you get a PDF copy of our latest issue of OIO. In it you will find:

* How To Invest in Washington's Biggest Federal Landlord – and add income to your retirement or portfolio with a HUGE Upside Potential

* Why Al Gore's Prediction of Climate Change May Happen Within the Next 24 Months & What you can do to Protect Your Family Now

* Could The Recession Be Over? Penny Stocks that Could Earn 500% in a few months or less!

* MLP's – Add Income To Your Portfolio with these High-Paying Stock Alternatives

* Biz Opps that Could Be HUGE in the Months Ahead

* Simple Technique To Cash In No Matter What the Market or Economy Does ($ave $500 IF You Act NOW)

Don't miss it. Download your copy now at:

That link will redirect you to the pdf file. If you need help with downloading see:


Now - More on Opportunity Investigator Radio (If you have biz or investment opps you would like us to investigate - let us know).

Here are some things you may have missed:

* The 7 Things You Must Do to Thrive in This Economy

We interview Mark Monchek of PerformXcellence. Mark shared some Great Tips for anyone who is in business for themselves - online or off.

* What the Government is NOT Telling You About Global Warming!

Don't miss this Hair Raising Episode with Former US Intelligence Analyst John Moore - it could save your life!

* An Investment That Could Change Your Life

Don't miss this one about an investment that could create millions of new millionaires!

To tune in go to:

and click on the Radio Show link at the top of the page to listen in Live or to past episodes.

Have a Great day!

Your Friends @
Kosoma Publishing

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