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Friday, February 15, 2008

Did You Get Your Check Yet?

President Bush was on the TV with what should be his last State of the Union speech Jan. 30th. The Pres. assured us all that we can grow our economy by spending more money. He even promised to send us each a few hundred to help us do that.

Let's see, if you are already in debt up to your ears - like the US government is, how is sending out free money going to stimulate the economy? And, how is that going to help the US government?

OH, don't forget our friends over at the FED. The Reserve! The agency that is owned by the bankers. That masquerades around like they are part of the government. What many folks still don't know is that they all pulled a fast one on us by sticking that word Federal in front of their name. The same thing the guy at Federal Express did when starting his company.

Frederick W. Smith founded FedEx. I clearly remember years ago when he was on 60 minutes, he said that by the time folks figured out that he was not part of the government his company would already be well on it's way to BIG MONEY! Can't blame his reasoning? What a PLAN! IT WORKED for the FED why not FedEx too?

Let's quote right from the FedEx web site:

"Federal Express was so-named due to the patriotic meaning associated with the word "Federal," which suggested an interest in nationwide economic activity. At that time, Smith hoped to obtain a contract with the Federal Reserve Bank and, although the proposal was denied, he believed the name was a particularly good one for attracting public attention and maintaining name recognition."

I'm sure Smith did want a relationship with the Federal Reserve - who wouldn't! These guys have the legalized right to print money! Think about it. It does not matter if it is a $1 bill or a $100 bill, it cost them about the same to make it (a few cents each). Then they "LOAN" that money at full face value to the US government. Full face value PLUS INTEREST!

So if you are thinking that Bush's plan to grow the economy by handing out $100 bills won't cost anything - Think Again! Where is that money going to come from? That's right - the good ol boys at the FED. These mystical folks seem to be able to pull money out of thin air! Just think, with today's high-tech world, the FED can just punch a button on a computer somewhere and release new funds to the world. Most of which never represents new bills being printed, but just credit in some bank or financial institutions account. Electronic numbers moving through nanoseconds of time and space.

Not only does the FED create money, they also have the ability to set their own interest rate! The Fed's Open Market Committee (FOMC), announces their interest rate decisions. This is NOT the interest rate that you and I can get money for, (why don't we all meet at the Fed Discount Window - wherever that is) but what the BIG boys who keep the whole world flowing receive. They in turn pump up the volume and pass the savings on to you and me right - WRONG! It could take weeks or even MONTHS after a cut to see any savings at the consumer level, if we ever see any at all. So why do the markets get so active after an FOMC announcement?

Well again, the BIG boys are the ones who really move the market right. We just want a small slice of it. That's all. Remember that when you are trading (or practicing the trade) an FOMC announcement. Don't get greedy. Get a quick profit, and either follow it with a stop, or just get out and smile! Remember that it could GAP past your stop too.

My guess is that this HUGE economic mess is no where near finished. Who knows, it might even lead into the Great Tribulation mentioned in the bible. No matter what happens, we can all do well with Simple Index Trading. I look for GREAT times ahead for our team. We might have to pay more for the things we get, but at least we can stay home and earn the money to get them!

If you have never traded LIVE on a FED announcement, you really need to practice it.

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How To Trade A Fed Play

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Have fun with it, and I hope to trade with you soon!


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