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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Only Lose If You Quit!

I found this article I wrote Years ago while surfing the web (slow day in the market - even though the Dow did hit and close above 10,000 Yea!), and thought I would share it with you. It's a good pick-me-up for anyone that might not be where they want to be financially right now. Enjoy!

I received an email from a man who told me that his family would all leave him if he got involved in another home business opportunity! Apparently, he had failed in a few attempts at home business, and online trading, so the family had this man labeled as a loser. Sound familiar?

I cannot understand why your family would disown you because of your wanting to set up a business to provide for them. Just because you have failed in business, that does not make you a loser! Many of the wealthiest men in the world have failed many times! Most of us have heard the story of Abe Lincoln, who failed in about everything he tried, until he became the 16th president of the United States.

I have failed in many of my business ventures, but the lessons I learned from those experiences are invaluable to me. I have earned more in one week than many people in the US earn all year! If I'd quit years ago, I would probably be working 40 hours somewhere for a lousy $300 or $400 per week right now. With my home biz, and the Internet, I can make that much or more if I work or not!

In many businesses, including any good home business, you only lose if you quit! Think about it. In many home biz opportunities today, you have the possibility to earn more than many doctors, lawyers and other professional people earn! It may take you a few months or even years to get there but how long did those professionals have to go to school to get to the large incomes? YEARS OF STUDY AND BIG TUITION CHECKS - MUCHO $$$$$$ !

I have a good friend who has been in networking over 20 years now. In the first 18 years, he barely scraped by. Finally, he got with the company that was right for him. All those years of experience PAID OFF BIG! He now is the top dog in a very popular nutritional MLM company, and earns over $300,000 PER MONTH! This is not some hyped up story, because I actually have seen the man's checks. How many professional men would like to make that kind of income? If he would have listened to everyone telling him he was wasting his time, he never would have gotten there.

If you have been involved in the home biz industry for any amount of time, no doubt you know folks who make incredible money. Sure, there is a lot of hype but, there are a lot of true success stories as well. What if my friend had worked a 40-hour per week job all his life? Just over broke, right?

One woman we know of made over $400,000 last year selling other people's products with online Free Affiliate programs! The opportunities are endless for anyone with a creative mind who is willing to work.

With the Internet in the picture, we have not even seen the start of the types of income that will be generated online. Online networking is where mail order MLM was back in the 60's - its infant stages! For those who have taken the time to do their homework, and/or get with someone who has, the sky is the limit!

If your family and friends make fun of your business, smile! Many others before you have dealt with the same thing. One day, if you have the right product or program, do your work, and stay consistent, those folks will just have to eat their words.

I love to run into ones who at one time spoke to everyone in my county and told them what a "fool Doug West is" for being involved in that "no-account business", that I should "get a real JOB!" Now, I do not believe in a showy display of one's means of living by any means, but in a small area, word gets around when you are doing pretty well financially. Those good old boys with the real jobs... they'll start to wonder what would have happened if they had started their own home biz way back when.

Things come back to ya' sometimes. Let people talk - because they will anyway. Just remember - YOU CAN'T LOSE UNLESS YOU QUIT!

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