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Friday, December 5, 2008

BIG 3 Auto Makers Plead - Index Traders Smile

Help For Those With Lost Income

Just got off of our daily trading call with my fellow traders and students, and we had a Great time. It was easy to see the market moving down this morning, and the simple patterns we look for were there. Most of us took advantage with some simple profits.

Terrence stopped in, one of our non-US traders. Terrence lives down in the beautiful Caribbean, and enjoys trading the index. (Many of us here are jealous and want to move down and join him - we want to all meet on the beach with our laptops and make money while enjoying the awesome scenery!).

Soon we were watching the trend change and the market start going up. A few went along for that ride. After we hung up, I did see an even stronger confirmation of the up move and did a couple more little trades for the day!

Some of the amounts I heard on the call were $1200, $900, $800, and $400. These are amounts that folks made in under an hour of looking for trades (most of our actual trades only last for a few seconds).

Are you facing a loss of job and income? If so (or even if no), isn't it time you learn how to trade the index with us? What are you waiting for. Even President-Elect Obama is telling you that it will take some time for any real economic relief comes. NOW is the time to learn a skill that can help you make money - Regardless of what the economy is doing.

If you are a radio show host, and would like to talk about Index Trading, the recession, what got us here, market conditions, and anything else, please click on the Media link on the left. We can offer you a show that will not only enlighten your listeners, but will entertain them too!

Post again soon. Have a Great Weekend!

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