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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Does The Big 3 Auto Bailout Affect Your Money?

The big three auto makers are hoping that Washington and particularly the House and Senate Republicans will approve of their multi-billion dollar bail out (or bridge loan as they prefer to call it).

What many are wondering is how the auto maker's share of TARP funds (if they do indeed fund it with TARP) will affect them and their family finances.

Doug West, who has taught thousands how to increase their income online with affiliate plans, small business and, with Index Trading is available for interviews on the Auto Bailout subject and more.

West, who correctly predicted the outcome of Y2K, and other financial scares over the years has been right on the money about much of the financial crisis. He predicted oil's rise (before it was politically correct to do so), and it's decline (in time for readers & listeners to cash in on the down trend by recommending the ETF - DUG).

You may be alarmed to hear what West is predicting for the next several months (regardless of the outcome for U.S. auto makers).

To arrange an interview see West's media room page at:

West will share some excellent tips with your audience such as:

* How To Eliminate Interest From Consumer Debts

* How To Easily Accelerate Your Home Equity

* Pay Off Your Home Quickly & Save Thousands

* Why The Crisis Make's it Necessary For You to Be Debt Free

* A Simple Trade That Happens 1 to 5 Times a Week that can pay you up to 15% on Your Money in as Little as 1 Minute

He will also offer your readers/listeners a no-cost guide that will show them how to get out of debt and create tax-free wealth. While it may be too late for US auto makers, there is still time for individuals to act.

For more information visit:

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