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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Learn To Love Down Trending Markets

I've been trading the indices going on 7 years now. As an index trader you will quickly grow to LOVE a down trending market.

During Obama's inauguration day Tuesday, I heard that the normal trend on inauguration day is down. BUT, this time it was the Worst drop in the market on ANY presidential oath day! I started the day with a small gain on a long move. Then had one trade go against me (another UP or long move) for a small loss that took all of my profit back and then some.

On our trading call (just like this morning) we talked about the patterns, and how it could possibly turn into a one directional down day. It sure did! I then made several little trades going down (short), and was able to climb back out of it, and get on top. Then we had a nice run, and I ended up with my goal for the day.

On Wed (my day off from trading) the market had a nice rally, and several of our traders were riding it up for nice profits.

Again today, we saw the signs of a one directional down-trending market. We discussed it on the call and most of us were taking small moves on the way down. Then came the NICE drop when the big board went below 8000 (DOW)! After that one great move most of us were done for the day, exceeding our goals!

If you enroll in my trading course, you will learn to LOVE down days too! While everyone else is depressed, you can be smiling all the way to the bank. What are you waiting for?

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